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Welcome, I am Prelene the Owner and Editor of Life on an Eyelash. I started this little blog in 2016 as a passion project to be my escape on the internet where I came to write, express myself and share my life experiences, my reviews and things that make me happy. Years later, it's still exactly that, now just with a community that inspire the content on this blog. 

Please take a look around, you can expect to read about beauty, travel, food, fashion, lifestyle and basically anything I am passionate about on here. 


I hope you enjoy and hope to see you back real soon! 



Recent Posts

Eco Purses

Eco-friendly Bags

MyBaguse is an Eco brand and not only provides beautiful bags made from recycled material but also supports in creating a change in the world, for the better.

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Natural Skincare

Let's be honest, conserving the environment, supporting brands that are recyclable, clean and cruelty-free has become important tick boxes for many beauty enthusiasts and skincare junkies alike. 

In case you missed it...


A natural and clean skincare brand that works! 

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What I got for Christmas 2021


I cleaned out my wardrobe after two years! Massive declutter! 

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Health & Wellness

Growing up, coconut oil has always been a staple in beauty and food amongst my family, so much so, that every time I smell coconut oil, all I can think of is the smell of my granny. She rubs this oil on her hair and scalp after every wash and almost every second day. It's is a tradition of hers, everywhere she went and wherever she placed her head, smelt of coconut oil. This smell travelled with me through my childhood and something I knew was good for me.

Travel with me

Our Thaba Eco Hotel Valentine's Staycation, JHB, South Africa

The Thaba Eco Hotel is situated in the South of Johannesburg, hidden deep in the picturesque nature far away from city life. For Valentine's Day this year we decided to book away for the weekend, to celebrate the month of love but also because we hadn't really been awaywhere since the pandemic hit.


The beautiful Thaba


From the booking to the arrival, to the stay and service, everything was premium, organised and seamless. The beauty of the hotel is certainly matched with its friendly staff and uncompromised service.


For the foodies

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Food Education

Five tips for creating tasty & nutritious meals on a tight budget

Beauty reviews

Sorbet Skincare.jpg

REVIEW: Sorbet Hydro Skin Cleanser

As we entered Winter in South Africa, my skin took a turn for the worse. As I have combination / sensitive skin, I have to (1) Change up my skin routine to suit the season and (2) Be careful of the products I use on my skin because I breakout quite easily. 

Towards the end of April, I noticed my skin getting dryer with the appearance of slight pigmentation and texture. I attributed this to the change in weather, so I decided it was time to change up my skincare a bit. While aimlessly trotting through the aisles of Dischem, I came across Sorbet Skincare. I had known of their makeup but I was not aware of their skincare. 

REVIEW: The Body Shop's Camomile Cleansing Butter

The Body Shop founded in 1979 by Dame Anita Roddick has always been a beauty store I keep going back to. Their ethically-sourced ingredients and ability to create some of the best naturally-inspired beauty products helps them stand out from the rest. Forty-one years later they are still relevant and still producing quality products. What attracts me the most to the brand is that they are cruelty free, and concerned with the environment and sustainability, brands who don't incorporate saving practices into their business in this day and age are simply careless.

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LO17001 - Life on an Eyelash_Header.jpg

As a global community, we are in the middle and facing a tough and scary pandemic. We are all in this together. Remember you are not alone, and you have the power to make it better. Together we can combat this virus and uplift one another to do the same. 


I will be uploading content more regularly during this period to keep you entertained, informed and motivated. These will include Youtube videos, tutorials, hacks, how to videos, inspirational blogs and reviews as well as lots more social media interaction. 

Make sure you are following me and this blog for new and exciting content daily. 

Hopefully my efforts inspire you in one way or another to keep positive, stay home and make the best of this time while also contributing positively in any way you can. 

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