Not your normal Father's Day Gift Guide

June 10, 2019

Making space in our busy lives to spend quality time with our parents should happen more often than not, but in case we forget to do this, every year there is a dedicated day, that we can’t ignore as much as we want to, to our parents. Yes, I’m talking about Father’s Day. Sunday, June 16th is a day we dedicate to our Dads. Personally, Father’s Day has always been easier to plan because I pretty much know my dad, he’s simple – food, cologne, and clothes always rock his boat.

Radhi Devlukia Shetty on Conscious Living

June 06, 2019

I love listening to people's stories and exploring the minds of others that are different to mine. I believe it gives me insight, makes me think deeper and harder about life and also makes me tolerant and patient towards the opinions and views of the world, and sometimes I learn a thing or two, and every now and again I like to share these with you all. 

My top Winter picks from Mr Price Home

June 03, 2019

It’s time to pull out those heavy-duty blankets, warmly scented candles, warm shoes, hot coco and marsh mellows - because Winter is here!


In Johannesburg the cold breezy winds enter as soon as March / April creep in. By June, we have a full-blown Winter season. Its officially Winter in South Africa and its time we all prepare for the highest drop in temperatures in the next three months. 

HOW TO: Take care of your Mind, Body & Soul with Essential Oils

May 19, 2019

When considering healing of the mind, body and soul, we often lean toward natural remedies, which are always highly recommended. In this instance, we can refer to essential oils and aromatherapy. While often controversial, if you consider its derivatives, essential oils are compounds extracted directly from plants.


Unique aromatic compounds give each essential oil its characteristic essence. The oils are extracted from the plant matter through an intensive steaming process and then distilled and bottled. The impressive part of essential oils is that they are normally multi-purpose, used for cooking, application and diffusing, and sometimes medicinal.

SERIES ADDICT: 2019 Winter Picks and Ticks

May 12, 2019

Let's not lie to ourselves, with the introduction of WiFi and Fibre at home coupled with the likes of satellite TV, Netflix and Showmax, it's become hard to imagine a life without SERIES. So, why not embrace all that we can. It's okay to stay home all weekend and catch up on the series you missed out on during the week. Winter is around the corner and Autumn is already freezing! The best place to be is tucked up in bed or on your couch with some good ol' series to keep you company. 

THE BOOK SHELF: Year of Yes (Shonda Rhimes)

March 20, 2018

If you watch have ever watched one of Shonda Rhimes TV series, such as Grey's Anatomy (my favourite), Scandal and How to get away with murder, you will know the kind of addiction these series inject into the viewer. Her book was no different. 

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