HAUL: Spring Birthday

Spring is upon us! In light of this I thought some retail therapy was needed - also I was attending a birthday party this month and wanted to truly embrace the Spring spirit!

I like to wear pastel colours in Spring, floral prints and light weight cloting. River Island have THE most comfortable jeans I have ever worn. Their jeans are stretchy, body hugging and the material is pretty flexible and comfortable on the skin - hardly feels like jeans! They are a little bit pricy but I think if you are going to spend your pennies - jeans is a good pick because they last forever and are super versatile!

These are a few pieces I picked up from Woolworths, Lovisa and River Island.

Firstly, lets talk about this gorgoeus round studded gladiator sandle in black from Woolworths. These are a staple shoe to have in your cupboard for the hotter seasons. They are suitable for any occasion, can be dressed up or down and just go with any outfit. I picked it up in black of course, it's a versatile colour and will go with almost any ensemble. These were R299.95 and I got them in a size 3.

I got the Amelie jeans from River Island. these are sea blue/ tanzanite colour, which I think is the most attractive jean colour there is, and the are mid-rise with rips at the ankle. These jeans elongate your legs and short girls like me crave this type of jean. This was R849.00 and I got it in a UK size 8.

The grey choker chain you see is from Lovisa. It's a stone shard twin set (grey and black) and just looks so pretty on the neck. These chains are on trend at the moment and just add that touch of spice to any outfit. They currently have so many specials on chokers - this one was buy 2 for R200.00.

These diamante strap sandals in nude are also from Woolworths. Simple and sweet with a little bit of glam! I love these and they look gorgeous on the feet. I got these in a size 3 for R250.00.

I had to! Picked up another jean from River Island because after trying it on I couldn't resist. If you have trouble finding jeans which fit you perfectly, like me, definitely try the jeans from River Island. On most occasions, my jeans are either loose on my behind or my legs and tight on my waist or vice versa. The struggle for jeans is very real! After discovering River Island's Molly and Amelie jeans my life has literally changed!

These are the Molly mid-rise jeans in khaki green. I must say, I am loving this colour. I wore it all through winter and I am definitely wearing it all through Spring. These are also in a UK size 8 and they were R899.00.

Lastly, for clothes I got this coral chiffon blouse also from River Island. It was actually in the marked down section and caught my eye. It's very airy, with white and navy blue floral prints. The back is loosely buttoned which adds to the whole airy look and feel of this top. It felt so comfortable on and can be dressed up or down.

This was marked down to R499.00 and I also got it in a UK size 8. The tag on all the clothes from River Island has size indications. In South African sizes I am normally a 30 or size 6.

To finish off any outfit in the Spring time - flirty chains to hang on those plunging neckline tops is a must! Lovisa has the best costume jewellery. I got this snake chain which halts just below your collar bone and runs runs down to your chest. Wearing a chain always adds that sneak of sexyness to your outfits - especially if you are showing off your torso!

I ended wearing the blue Amelie jeans with the chiffon blouse and paired it with a nude heel and gold accessories to the birthday party - I felt comfortable all night long and hardly needed to change anything during the course of the party.

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I hope this haul has helped you figure out how to get your cupboard ready for Spring. Leave me a comment below and let me know if there are stores or new trends you think I should check out!