EAT OUT: The Silver Teaspoon

My best friend of 18 years will be tying the knot this month and we recently had a High Tea bridal shower for her at The Silver Teaspoon restaurant in Northcliff.

This place makes you feel like you are having lunch on the patio of your grandmothers house. When you enter you feel like you are entering someone's home and not a restaurant that serves high tea. There is a pathway which leads into a green garden area, a few stairs up takes you onto a porch like patio where you are met with a curio shop and on your left is the entrance to a small and intimate dining room.

The entire layout of the restaurant made me feel so comfortable and at home - it's open and lightly decorated with antique items - alluding to the Sunday brunch with family feeling.

The artsy look and feel of the layout is pretty, subtle and relaxed, emphasised by colourful flowers which are placed at random corners all over the restaurant. The perfect venue for a gathering like ours or even a birthday party, family lunch or just a nice treat after a long week with friends.

The decor reminds me so much of the 80's with the pearl necklaces spread across aged and wrecked books and antique cutlery with beautifully painted plates and high tea hats which decorate the walls in the dining room. The light lamps hanging from the ceiling are richly decorated with feathers and materials used in outfits in those days - while outside there is a pot plant filled with milk bottles used way before we had cartons.

I would highly recommend visiting The Silver Teaspoon if you are looking for a venue, wanting to try something new or are one of those people who love discovering unique and small city gems - this is certainly a vintage affair!

While I didn't try any of their menu options as it was a high tea - I did have the iced tea they served and the snacks and they were delicious! They are located on 22 Weltevreden Road, Northcliff. Visit their website for more information: