REVIEW: New Benefit #AbraCadaBrow

Benefit Cosmetics recently released their new AbracadaBrow range to the world which include new packaging new formulas and new products!

I have always been very attracted to the whole appeal of the brand and have tried and used so many of their products. They are a unique and innovative brand and have some very interesting products in their range. I have been using the new brow products for the past month and thought I would share my thoughts on them.

Brows frame your face and are very important in any look. There are six products which form the new brow range (some old and some new):

* 3D Brow Tones - Which is a brow gel / brow conditioner primer

* Brow Zings - A brow palette which includes a powder and wax with mini angled brush

* Ka-Brow pomade with an angled brush

* High Brow Glow - Highlighter pencil

* Goof Proof Brow pencil - Double ended with a spoolie

* Gimme Brow - Brow gel

I have been using the Benefit Gimme Brow brow gel since I first started threading/shaping my brows and filling them in. I have tried others but nothing works for me the way this does. It holds my brows in place for as long as I have it on and does not flake off or leave my brows looking crusty and with white flakes.

This product is part of their new range but is repackaged with the new luxury look and feel. I decided to pick up the Goof Proof brow pencil to try out. Now, I am not a fan of brow pencils in general and prefer to use a powder and go over it with my Gimme Brow BUT this pencil has changed my brow game!

The pencil, with its luxurious packaging, makes it easy to hold in your fingers enabling you to properly hold the pencil and manoeuvre over your eyebrows. It is doubled ended with the diamond shaped pencil on one end and the spoolie on the other. I like the pencil but the spoolie is a bit too thin for me. I prefer the chubby spoolies simply because they don't hurt my skin when I brush it over my hair.

The pencil tip is rectangular/diamond shaped making it easier to carve out your shape. The formula is creamy, glides on easily and the pigment can differ depending on the amount of pressure you use when applying it.

This pencil works miracles - it takes a few attempts to perfect your brow if you aren't used to using an angled tip, but once you get the hang of it - your brows will never be the same.

The creamy texture glides over your hairs easily and gives you the look of 'Your brows but better". Your brows won't look drawn on but will look natural and defined.

I have also been trying out the Ka-Brow pomade. It's pigmented, easy to work with and doesn't leave harsh lines - which I initially thought it would. With these new products I can switch up my brow look. If I want a more dramatic look I would opt for the pencil, simply because I can get it darker and thicker by applying a few layers to my brows without having it look like they have been painted on. If I want a natural, more simply look I use the pomade. You can use this in many layers as it becomes to 'painted on' and is better for shaping and just filling in.

Other products I have to mention is the travel size It's Potent eye cream, the Air Patrol eye primer and Rockateur blush.

They have released their eye cream in a travel size which is perfect for on the go - obviously! But it's great to fit into my makeup bag, and I don't need to buy the full size anymore because a little goes a long way with this product. It hydrates, removes puffiness, and smoothes the skin so your makeup looks flawless.

The Air Patrol eye primer is a liquid formula and comes in a HUGE tube which just lasts forever. I have oily eyelids and need to prime before putting any shadow on. Most primers are either too drying on my lids and other just don't work at all. This primer provides the perfect 'prime'. I used this recently to an outside wedding in humid, 30 degree weather and my shadow didn't move nor did my eyelids get oily.

The liquid hydrates my eyelids and when it drys it provides a good base for my eye shadow to stick to. An added bonus is the funky tip - the product is dispersed through a jelly-like opening which is gentle on your lids and feels quite interesting on the lids.

The only thing I have a problem with is the scent of this blush, it's quite overpowering and lingers on your skin. It smells like a perfume, and I don't normally apply perfume to my face, so it seems a bit unnatural applying this kind of scent to my face.

Once you get over the scent - the blush is so pretty. I feel this kind of shade will suite most fair to medium skin tones. This blush applies smoothly and the pigment payoff is quite decent. With the slight shimmers inside the blush, it leaves your skin glowing and there really is no real need to use additional cheek highlighters when you apply this.

Final thoughts:

I think the new brow products are definitely worth your money, I would recommend trying the Goof Proof brow pencil or the Ka-Brow pomade - as these are my favourite. These products give you bang for your buck and will change the way you are able to do your brows.

Please try the additional products I mentioned and leave me a comment down below telling me how you found it and if there are any amazing Benefit products I should try ;-)




Additional information:

- Goof Proof Brow Pencil = R335.00

- Air Patrol Eye Primer = R385.00

- Rockateur blush = R385.00

- It's Potent Eye Cream = R85.00

I picked up these products at RedSquare:

They are also available on

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