FRAGRANCE REVIEW: Amazscent Desires, Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rosé, Perfumania Star Struck, Golddigg

Amazscent Desires - The everyday gal

The pretty solid bright pink bottle alludes to the sweet, feminine scent of Amazscent's Desires Eau de Parfum. It reminds me of a ripe strawberry waiting to be picked in the dead of Spring, under sunny skies with a fresh smell in the air.

The scent is classy, however it will suit women aged between 18 - 28. On me this smells a lot sweeter than it actually is in the bottle, but also a lot stronger. Alkaline perfumes work best on my skin and this, with my skin makes a great combination. The spritz bottle works wonders because you only really need about two sprays to last you the day.

It's quite a heavy scent and not for the women who enjoys light, flirty smells on their skin. The immediate breathe is a tad bit overwhelming and is not for everyone. If you prefer the demanding scents which takeover the air around you, have a slightly oily feel on the skin and need long lasting perfumes - this will suit you!

I have been wearing it from the beginning of September and I think it's the perfect scent to break into a new season with. This was gifted to me but can be found at normal retail outlets such as Clicks but also online. This bottle offers 100 ml / 3.4 fl.oz.


Golddigga - Clubbing chic

Now - let's all take a moment for the packaging on the next one! Oh my socks! Most gorgeous, luxurious, decadent, rich gold bottle I have ever seen! Contrary to this the Golddigga (as the name suggests) is more for the youth interested in pop culture (kind of reminds me Kanye West's song Golddigga lol).

The scent is fruity with hints of citrus, grapefruit and lemon undertones at first and once it settles into your skin it becomes more sweet. Still a very youthful scent, very amateur and demanding. On me it almost smells like a dupe for Estée Lauder's Knowing. Very noticeable, firm, a 'take charge' kind of smell (if that is something).

I wouldn't say it's a light texture because it does change the texture of your skin when sprayed but it isn't heavy and uncomfortable. This is definitely a night time, party scent for people on the go. It seems to survive past heat and humid environments and is perfect for night on the town.

As with most of my fragrances I am gifted them. This bottle, while it looks expensive retails for R229.00 for 100 ml / 3.4 fl.oz. and is available on


YSL Manifesto - The older women

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) - a luxury brand in line with their fragrances. This Manifesto perfume is luxurious in it's scent while being slightly spicy, with hints of fruitiness. The packaging suggests subtle but sophisticated and the scent just further emphasises this.

It's definitely for the older, more mature women. It's very light, very dull on the skin and the scent at first is piercing on the nose but after two minutes it completely fades away, leaving behind a very subdued musky smell.

This Eau de Parfum is not for everyone. As the name suggests it is that underestimated smell, it grabs your attention by surprise, goes unnoticed in most circumstances but has a tinge of spice and attraction. In this bottle you get 90 ml / 3 fl.oz of product and it retails for R1295.00.


Perfumania Star Struck - Errand runner

Touches of floral notes mixed with scents of nature, such as gum tree eucalyptus smells and slight peaks of aromatherapy oil scents make up Perfumania's Eau de Parfum Star Struck.

Once this scent settles on the skin it literally smells like a subtle version of tea tree oil products. I must say the scent of this fragrance threw me off a bit with its packaging and name. I expected a shower fresh smell, something which reminds me of clean linen, fresh ocean breeze and just showered kind of feel.

The product is completely opposite to what it appears to be. The texture of the actual juice is sticky, quite unsettling on the skin and drying. The first time you spray the scent it does come out smelling fresh but after a few minutes this disappears and it almost changes entirely, becoming very potent and organic.

I would not say I am a fan of the scent, it's very distinct, with a very unattractive texture. I think this kind of scent works for when you are doing errands around the house and not public interaction as I don't believe this kind of scent would come off particularly flattering.

This was once again gifted to me - I haven't used it much because of this, but it's ok for a spritz here and there. I am not sure where it's sold but can't be too expensive and comes standard with 100 ml / 3.4 fl.oz.


Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rosé Eau de Parfum - Flirtatious goddess

I saved my best for last! I discovered this scent back in 2014 which I believe is when it was first launched. My first experience of this smell was when I smelt it on a makeup artist at Mac and later that week tested it in shops and had to get it. The scent of this perfume is nothing like I have smelt before - it has a rich smell, very saturated and deep.

It's the type of smell that makes people look around them to see what smells so attractive. the fragrance is said to supposedly embody glamour, elegance and a fun atmosphere of fashionable New York. I completely agree - the makeup of this scent is fresh, sensual and feminine.

Top notes of the smell reveal sparkling touch of pink, fresh and slightly fruity. After a while on the skin, its inner peach blossom scents are revealed, providing the mood and feel of sophistication. The base end of the scent is soft woody notes such as musk and amber, giving off the sensual and feminine feeling.

I will never get tired of this smell - it's a pick-me-up on those days where I just don't feel 'pretty', like a bad hair or makeup - or skin day. I think it's a fragrance you can get away with all year around and fits any weather environment.

The lasting power on this is nothing short of eternity - sometimes I can still smell it on my skin after I shower, now that is a long lasting perfume! Obviously, for this kind of benefit comes a hefty price tag. I have the the 30 ml bottle which retails for R800.00 which is expensive for the amount of juice you get - but worth it in my opinion. I wear it on special occasions only. The 50 ml is R1150.00 and the 80 ml is R1490.00 - huge price tags!

It is available at RedSquare.


Did you spot a fragrance you are familiar with or would like to try out? Where possible I have linked online stores where these perfumes are available, otherwise they will be sold at RedSquare outlets, and the perfume sections in Truworths and other retail outlets.