MUST HAVE: The Block Heel

The secret weapon to looking fashion forward without the torture of walking in stiletto's or pencil heels. This 90's fashion trend is back in style and is gaining points because of it's practicality and versatility.

Probably the best heel invention there ever was for women who struggle walking in sky high heels. My shoe closet definitely took a turn for the best when I decided to give block heeled shoes a chance.

Johannesburg is easily about 28°C - 30°C everyday now that Spring has sprung and walking in heels is hard as it is, the last thing you need is to be uncomfortable and have your feet slip and slide inside your shoes.

A shoe trend for this season is definitely the block heel. They have come out in some interesting bright colours and standout patterns. I have been loving this look for the summer days when you need to be on your A game but just don't have the energy to fuss about your shoes. Below are some of my top picks for blocked heels:


A navy and light turquoise double strap block heel with neutral buckles. I got this at Woolworths at the beginning of Spring and have been obsessed since. This shoe adds that little bit of colour when paired with jeans, a light T-shirt and chunky accessories. You can even wear this with a flirty silk summer dress which shows off your legs. It's comfy, not too high and looks ever so flattering on the feet.

The double strap around the ankle is a trend I am loving recently on shoes. It helps secure your feet in place making you feel like the shoe is made for your foot.


We all love shoes with a little bit of the wooden accents - the laid back but sassy look. This leather gladiator shoe with a single ankle buckle and a wooden heel is perfect for all seasons. Its got that fierce look to it and looks great with jeans (in any colour) and dresses.

I have reached for this shoe on those colder days, when my feet need a little cover up rto be kept warm from the wind without going into full winter-mode. It hugs my feet in the right places, the fullness of the shoe adds that pop to your outfit and is very comfortable for all day wear. This to was from Woolworths - definitely go to Woolworths and check out their flat sandals as well, their range is awesome!


An affordable and feminine shoe for women you enjoy the sweet and simple looks. I quite like the open heel with the side ankle buckle and the strap over the toes. I feel like it gives your feet dimension and structure and adds the attraction factor. People are drawn to look at your shoe. Although, an exposed heel is not for everyone. If you feet are flat this is probably a good heel style to consider slipping into.

I wouldn't say it's a versatile shoe, simply because of it's crisp white colour. It looks good with dresses and skirts which end above the knee. If you have shorter legs this shoe can shorten your legs further because it ends so high up on the ankle. Bear in mind that if you are wearing a block heel which is similar to this, wear clothes which elongate your legs and not cut them off. It can be unflattering and sometimes make you look stumpy which we never want! Picked this up from Fashion Express.


The star of the show, the crowd stopper, the main attraction - phrases which best describe this shoe. YDE has some of the most fascinating shoes I have ever seen. I love walking in there and trying on every single pair, just to see how they all look.

Now, YDE shoes are quite pricey and I sometimes don't think there is anything very unique about them to justify that hefty price tag, but this shoe was unique! Velvet is on trend right now and because it looks so rich and adds texture to any look.

This heel is red velvet with gold detailing around the toe area and the ankles and zips open at the back. You would presume a shoe like this would be uncomfortable because it looks so amazing...wrong. It is so comfy. light on the feet and easy to walk in, and I give the benefit of this to the block heel. This heel adds so much more stability, balance and takes the pressure off the front of your feet when wearing them.

Definitely one of my favourites!


The no fuss, easy to wear, smart black shoe. From Identity, it's black faux leather, with shiny panels on the front with a wrap around buckle, it's simple and functional. The kind of shoe for daily use, worn on work suits, formal wear, and to smart events.

The heel is quite low and the shoe is structured to protect your feet from strain and pressure. You can jump in them and get going with your day almost instantly (apart from the wrap around buckle). The gladiator look makes it standout from the normal black court shoe and the chunky heel adds that element of rigidity. I like them and think it's a staple shoe you need in your collection.

Chunky block heels ruled the runway this past fashion season, which are not only on-trend but also comfortable and keep our feet are very happy. With the latest colours, patterns and styles, block heels aren't what they used to be. Try them out, and comment below telling me what your favourite heels styles are.

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