NEW IN MAKEUP: Catrice Ultimate Stay lipsticks

I have been on the hunt for affordable lipsticks recently, and if you have read my other posts you know about my attachment to Mac lipsticks. The reason - they provide everything you would expect in a lipstick. High coverage, creamy formula, and they are long lasting, but come at a hefty price. Some cheaper lipsticks just haven't lived up to my expectations - until now.

While on a stroll through the makeup counter in Dischem, I found the Catrice cosmetics Ultimate Stay lipsticks. To be honest, if it wasn't for the packaging I would have probably walked right past them. They look quite classy for a drugstore brand and the sleekness is what I was attracted to.

In the past I have tried Catrice products and they weren't too bad, so I picked up all eight colours they had displayed in the section. If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I have been playing around and trying all the colours over the last couple of weeks - and finally here are my thoughts on each colour!

So, I hadn't tried any of these lipsticks before, but I believe they have been around for a while but according to the website, they have released new colours.

The descriptions of the lipsticks online claim intensive colour with a trendy satin to matt finish. Highly pigmented and long lasting texture with high coverage. Quite a lot to live up to in my opinion - but let's see how they actually performed.

First up is the colour 'Plum and Base'

Quite a weird name - but a very pretty deep purple colour. I would quite confidently say this is a great dupe for Mac's 'Rebel'. It has a similar finish and texture with very close colour tones. I have worn this lipstick during the day with subtle eye makeup, topped with a pop of colour on the lip and at night with a more smoky eye - works perfectly both ways. The colour pay off is acceptable and it lasts for a good 3-4 hours (with eating and drinking) on your lips before it disappears. You would probably need to touch up here and there throughout the day but definitely not all the time.

Passion Red

Looks deceiving in the tube but certainly lives up to its name on the lips. A bright purple toned red which is super high coverage. All you need is one swipe across your lips and you good to go! I would say this is a great colour for fair and dark skin tones as it has deeper, darker undertones. Like any red lipstick is does get a bit messy and because it does not dry down on your lips it can get on your chin and teeth throughout the day - so definitely pack touch up concealer or foundation when wearing this colour.

Don't worry be Berry

Such a cute name - and a colour which fits nicely to its name. This is also deep purple but slightly lighter than 'Plum and Base'. This one stains your lips a bit and when it rubs off a bit your lips still look like they have some colour to them. You wouldn't need to touch this colour up during the day if you aren't someone who doesn't pay much attention to your lips throughout the day. Full coverage, creamy and long lasting!

Behind the Red Curtain

And Ta-Da! This is what is behind the curtain. The show stopper red - and equivalent to Mac's 'Chillie'. While this one isn't a matte it's just as pigmented and bright. This lipstick wouldn't be described as a true red as it has orange undertones, but it is bright and in your face. This too stains your lips and also does rub off easily. I feel like this colour is the kind of red people with a darker skin tone should wear - it would look amazing against a dark face!

Floral Coral

When I saw this colour I immediately knew this is not the kind of colour for my skin tone, it would suit pail skins as it's a light pink. You can't really see it nicely in the photo below but its quite light - refer to the swatches on the white page. The texture and lasting power on this lipstick is the worst. It has little to no pigment and very little coverage but also comes off in an hour of application. not sure why this was the worst of the bunch but perhaps it's meant to be sheer and more of a lip moisturiser than a full on lipstick.

If you prefer these kind of subtle lip colours then this is for you.

All that she wants

One of my favourites - and the prettiest nude for Indian skin. This lipstick has great colour and pigment, last for a reasonable amount of time and goes with almost every look. I have worn this colour the most from all and it quite possibly has replaced my loved Mac Velvet Teddy as my go-to nude for everyday.

Beauty in EveryPink

Dupe for Mac's 'All fired Up' but better! Yes I said it - it's better than a Mac lipstick. 'All fired Up' is a matte therefore it's patchy, drying and flaky on my lips but the Catrice one is amazing. It's smoothing, covers the fine lines on your lips and moisturises while providing the most beautiful colour with opaque pigment and long lasting wear. This colour also stains the lips but again its because the colour is so opaque.

Chocolate Kiss

And last but not least - my other favourite. Kind of reminds me of KathleenLights collaboration with Colour Pop 'Mr Binks'. It's a true dark brown, which is 100% chocolate rich and creamy to the application. Perfect for those days where you want a nude but something a bit different. Again, this is pigmented, gives a lovely nourished shine to the lips and lasts quite long.

A final round up of my thoughts on these lipsticks - they live up to what they claim to do. They are very, very moisturising while providing the full coverage and smooth texture to your lips. I will say some colours are better than others in this collection.

The colour range is quite diverse, you get a good selection of pinks, purples and reds and even a chocolate brown. The colours I think will suit all skin tones, with the exception of some, depending on how adventurous you are. They certainly have a satin to matte finish and do have a high colour pay off, although some last longer than others

The Ultimate Stay lipsticks get a solid 8/10 from me. Head out and grab yourself a colour which appealed to you and let me know your thoughts.

They retail for about R99.00 and are sold at Dischem outlets country wide.