HOW TO: Easily store your gems

Storing my jewellery has always been quite a mission for me. Finding clever, user friendly options can be challenging - especially when your collection is quite extensive. Through trial and error, several times I add, I have found options which avoid all my chains and necklaces getting into one big knot, save me from losing my studded earring pairs and also help me display my longer, more dressy earrings - for ease of choice.

Long earrings

These options I find are the easiest and most cost effective method yet. I have stored my jewellery like this for months now. I love how quick and easy my life has become choosing the right accessories to use everyday. I have also found that now that everything is visible and I can see my whole collection - I tend to wear all my pieces. Whereas before I used to never wear some items because I just forgot I had them.

Longer earrings are difficult to store because of their size and structure. Shoving them inside a jewellery box never worked for me because it would tangle or break every time I dug inside to fetch a pair.

This little earring storage is ideal for longer earrings. I spotted this at the Fordsburg market one day while browsing the night flea market and decided to get it.

They are cheap (probably like R150) and work. It is made from copper - has four layers of earring holes which extend right around each circle. It probably stores about 70 - 100 pairs of earrings and each layer can be rotated both ways.

Each layer has more holes as it goes down and the space between each layer increases going down - allowing for different sized earrings to be stored.

Most ideal way to store these kind of earrings!

Necklaces & chains

This is how I store my necklaces and chains. The most easiest DIY project to store jewellery. This gives me a full view of what I have and I can easily pick it out to wear quickly and without any struggle. This kind of setup does not restrict the length of the chain/necklace and also does not allow for tangling and knots.

I got the idea off Pinterest and decided to do a little at home 'renovation'. Simply get hooks that look like this, sold at any hardware store or building warehouse - hammer them into the inside door of your cupboard and you are done.

You can sort your chains by style, colour, material etc. to make your choice easier when picking out your outfit. Highly recommend this instead of a jewellery box.

Chokers, studs & rings

This little guy I got from Typo and I think it was like R150 - R200. It's basically a bowl at the bottom with a rose gold rod in the centre which spikes out at the top. I use this to store all my rings, choker chains and stud earrings. This is small and practical and fits perfectly on my makeup vanity, so I can choose my simple, everyday jewellery in an instant and head out.

I like it because I can see all my stud earrings and it's easy to choose which one to wear and find it's pair because it's open and accessible. Of course the rose gold detailing is everything while still being practical.

Chokers are short and hang down from one of the spikes perfectly and the rest are for rings, small and big. It's trendy, it's a nice decorative object for your vanity but also works and does it's job.

Watches & bracelets

I think the whole point, when it comes to storing your hand jewellery, is that you can see the different pieces clearly. I had my dressing table made so that the first drawer was thin and flat to cater for all my watches and bracelets. It easy and functional when choosing what I need. Being able to pull out the draw and have everything clearly displayed is a dream - although is does get a bit untidy.

I might consider getting a watches rack which slides my watches in and out - but I think for now this works. All you have to do is turn an empty drawer into this - add a layer of paper to the bottom of the drawer to line it and go ahead with adding all your hand jewellery to it.


I hope this has helped and if you have any other ideas which you have using and work for you comment below and let me know.