My Favourite Lush products + some limited edition Christmas items

Ever since Lush came to South Africa I have been obsessed with this brand. Their products are so organic and just good for you. One of the main reasons I support them and use their products over and over again is because they work but also because they stand for so much more than just beauty.

The products are made from fresh ingredients, all handmade and against animal testing and well of course green approved. Recently a Lush store opened up in Rosebank and I had to pay it a visit and see what's new. These are the products I picked up, some repurchases and others new to my vanity. They also have some limited edition Christmas products on sale, mostly for your bath. Since, I don't have a bath at home I could only get shower friendly items. Oh how I wish I could bath in a bath bomb everyday :-(

Cupcake Fresh Face Mask - R160.00 (75g)

I have used this quite a few times now to test it out since it's a new purchase for me. My initial thoughts was well I am not sure how great coffee would be on my skin and I was expecting like a pink mask - because of the word cupcake. But since trying it - this mask has changed my skin for the better. It really draws all the impurities from your skin, exfoliates and smoothes the skin.

For the kind of skin I have - purifying masks work the best and this is exactly that. Also, it's not a coffee mask, it's a cocoa mask which has a very strong chocolate smell, almost like coffee. It's says it's for teenage skin that is prone to breakouts - which works for me as I think I have some adult acne at the moment.

Made from cocoa butter, linseed and cocoa powder, dashes of peppermint and sandalwood oils, the mask claims to absorb excess oils and calm breakouts while softening the skin. While my breakouts are quite bad right now I wouldn't say it stopped it but there was definitely a difference in my skin after using this.

Mask of Magnamity - R160.00 (125g)

Extracted straight from the Earth and made in the purest form. I have spoken about this mask before and it's a repurchase for me. It looks quite disturbing in the pot and feels like seaweed on the face but its amazing.

It's a face and body mask and it made from peppermint which is suppose to fight eruptions and outbreaks. I don't use this on my body but have seen huge differences with my skin after using this. Basically, my skin is left uber clean. Sometimes, exfoliating and scrubs and all that just doesn't get deep enough to remove the dirt hiding in your pores. This mask does just that.

It also has rough balls inside the mask, so what I do is apply the mask to my face, let it dry down for 15 minutes then wet my hands and gently rub in circular motions on my face. This activates the mask again and then I can use the little rough particles to scrub and exfoliate my face further.

Five o'clock whistle shaving smoothie - R1155.00 (90g)

Firstly, this really looks and feels like a smoothie. This is great for people who have problems with sahving their legs, such as dryness, in growing hairs and small black dots from shaving. The product is made from coffee and lavender infused with kaolin to gently cleanse and organic extra virgin olive oil to condition the skin. It also has organic jojoba oil and freshly squeezed lime juice, and you can smell the lime.

It moisturises because of it's oily base and protects the skin from the harsh blade. You would definitely need a cotton round or something to wipe your blade after every swipe. The product gets caught in between the blades and because it's oily the blade won't remove additional hair unless your remove the product.

After shaving your legs are smooth and moisturised - but I also think this product forces you to take your time shaving because you need to lather it on, shave that area, wipe the blades and start again. Which could be a good thing as I didn't cut myself, or miss nay spots doing it this way.

Rub Rub Rub shower scrub - 185.00 (330g)

My all-time favourite scrub there ever was! From the texture to the smell, the colour (bright blue) and the results - all simply amazing. I believe this product embodies everything you would expect to get from a body scrub which is:

- Exfoliation;

- Smoothing;

- Detoxifying;

- Fragranced;

- Cleansing and;

- Purifying.

Made from fresh organic lemon juice (which always good for the skin, especially darker skins), fine sea salt and infused with Jasmine flower infusion to give it that blossom-scented smell - this scrub leaves my body feeling smooth, clean and refreshed.

The salt detoxifies and deep cleans while the scrub removes the dead skin and leaves your skin feeling like a baby's bottom - and smelling great! It can also be used on your hair, it mineral rich, giving your hair volume while softening the scalp.

No Drought Dry Shampoo - R145.00 (115g)

One thing you should know is that I have very oily hair. To the point where after washing it thoroughly it is oily central in two days. So you can imagine I have tried almost every dry shampoo there is on the market. For a while I used the TRESemmé‎ dry shampoo. I used to apply it at night before I sleep and leave it there overnight. In the morning my hair was sufficiently less oily. However, over time this stopped working and no dry shampoo since has worked.

This one is pretty good - probably because it's not a spray but actual powder. As you can see in the image, it's very fine white powder that you sprinkle in your hair and rub in gently. It's works for a while but you do need to top it up once the oil absorbs it all. It's got a grapefruit and lime scent to it and is made from cornflour which is known for it's smooth texture and absorbing oil.

My hair is a dark chocolate brown, so the only problem I have with this is it can make my hair look slightly white and almost grey. Still a great product and different than the mainstream dry shampoo's on the market.

Christingle Body Conditioner - Christmas Range - R325.00 (240g)

This stuff is quite unique. It's basically an in shower body moisturiser. So you can use this to avoid the hassle of getting out the shower and applying cream to your whole body - you can do it all in the shower.

I love things like this because to be honest, I can't be bothered with applying cream to my WHOLE body once I get out the shower. The first time I used this it was quite normal, feels like lotion, applies blue to the skin and leaves a layer of moisture to the skin and the blue washes off under the water.

I then got out the shower and wiped the residue off and it really did moisturise my skin - there was no need for cream. Two seconds later my skin literally was chilled, as in cold. It almost felt like I rubbed deep heat all over my body. It gives you a tingly feeling but in a fresh - it was quite overwhelming at first.

It's made which peppermint oil, menthol crystals, creamy murumuru, shea butter and organic jojoba oil which all conditions and definitely "takes your skin straight to the top of the tingles chart".

Whether you thinking of purchasing some of these for yourself or for friends and family - either way it's great products to have and will transform the way you shower and/or bath your body.

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