HOW TO: Pack like a Pro (Christmas Edition)

Let's face it - the worst part of going on holiday is packing for it. From the amount of space you need, finding the right suitcase to fit everything you want to take to remembering what you need to take to deciding on outfits etc. - it's all a nightmare.

As I write this I am sitting at the Dubai International Airport waiting to connect onto my next flight to the beautiful country of Thailand, but also mentally running through things I might have forgotten to pack. It made me think that I could not possibly be the only person who struggles with packing.

When I embarked on my week long packing 'journey' - I decided to make a check list, read some other blogs on some smart packing ideas, etc, etc. and I realised that it's not half as bad as it seems. Everything is better when broken down into smaller parts.

Make a Check List

Sorting the wants from the needs can be daunting and confusing because sometimes we think we 'need' everything when it could just be a 'want'. Listing items like toiletries, costumes, chargers, cameras etc. are all needs on a holiday. Things like five pairs of the same shirt is definitely not needed or five pairs of shades neither.

Your list should also contain specifics to avoid you going off on a tangent. Think carefully about the amount of days you are spending away and plan your clothing accordingly for each day.

Summer travel essentials

Traveling can sometimes take more than 12 hours especially if you are flying abroad. Getting to Thailand took 18 hours via Dubai and two flights with another from Bangkok to Puket. In such situations, consider packing an overnight carry-on bag for the plane with a few essentials needed to freshen up half way through the journey.

1. Shoulder cushion for easy sleeping in the plane

2. Eye mask to block out any light in the plane

3. Travel locks to safe guard your belongings on a full flight

4. Sunglasses for when you step out, helping your eyes adjust to light and also hiding any dark circles from the long flight

5. Earphones to watch movies, series or listen to music for the duration of your traveling

6. A flight tag, if your luggage is lost it can be returned to you

7. Makeup essentials to freshen you up before you land at your destination. I like to take light items just to brighten up my look such as: moisturiser and/or sunblock; shampoo and conditioner in case you need to shower at your layover destination, a BB cream, and some micellor water to tone or remove dirt and makeup.

These helped me so much cope with the long traveling and will definitely help even if you are going on a road trip.

8. Carry on

The Packing

Now that you have all your essentials perfectly laid out it's time to pack! The easiest way to fit a large amount of stuff into a relatively small space is to roll your clothing. Not only does it save space but I find that it also prevents your clothing from creasing.

I managed to fit about 12 pieces of clothing in just half the suitcase. Neatly rolled each item after folding it in half first.

Accessories and things...

Packing your vanity is another vanity bag altogether can be cumbersome and adds to the amount of luggage you carry around with you. I recently picked up clear vanity bags which have a zip all around and are very spacious for your necessities. I used one for make up and one for toiletries and packed them into my big luggage. Quite simple and makes traveling life very smooth.

The same with shoes - I pack them into a small dust bag I got one of my handbags in and pack it into my big luggage and Ta-Da we are done!

Thought I would let you know that I am finishing up this post in my transfer bus from Phuket airport to our hotel - it's been a long couple of days but luggage hauling as not been a problem at all.

Thailand blogs coming soon!