To letting go, living moments & welcoming a new year

As I sit here on the second last day of 2016 - reflecting, remembering and reminiscing the year that was so many thoughts fill my mind. This year has been challenging, forcing many of us to grow, overcome struggle and see the good in what seems impossible in the darkness.

I have learnt so much about myself this year, I learnt what I am bad at, what my flaws are and how I can be better and I attribute this to the people I met this year, the experiences (good and bad) which happened and the tough lessons learnt.

I am not a festive person generally and I never quite look forward to a new year - because it used to feel like hitting the repeat button - a process which we start all over again. I believe this is because I didn't ever look back and acknowledge that what happened, happened for a reason, it was meant to teach me something, grow me and change me. It added to my journey, my memories and the person I am meant to be.

This year - I want to embrace the past and look forward to the future. Look forward to life, new adventures and being present. This is something I want to achieve for myself in 2017 - being present. Too often I find myself doing things because its what I am supposed to do, doing things to make other people happy and running on autopilot between work, relationships and family.

In 2017 I want to take each moment for what it is and make the most of it, Take more risks, live for the day, laugh more, cry more, dance more and spend more time with more people. It's important to recognise who you have in your life and why they are there.

Take time to live, to breathe and to be for filled. Looking back I don't feel like I did enough of what makes me happy and makes other people happy.

2016 was a year of big events all around the world, lives changed, people were hurt, many grew and accomplished so much, others failed and fell but life carried on, and life will always carry on.

I encourage you to be kind to yourself, be kind to others, make memories and never take anything too seriously. Be present, savour each smile, each angry moment, take the time to take deep breathes, chase your goals and make yourself happy.

I am so lucky with everything I have, everything I have achieved, the love I get from the relationships I have made with some amazing human beings and thankful for each day because it's a blessing to live - make it count.

As the world welcomes a new year, I am positive that it will be another chance to make a difference in which ever way I can, another year to follow my goals, discover more about myself and live in each moment a lot more.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year! Stress less, live more, give more hugs, be kind to others and yourself and always be present for all the wonderful adventures life will throw your way in 2017. Don't be scared to take risks, show love to people you love, say what's on your mind, live in the moment and make the next 365 days count for you!