AUTUMN HAUL: What's new in my closet from H&M, Topshop and Refinery

Hello March - Hello Autumn! As it's getting slightly colder, it's obvious that it's time to put a little more layers on. I decided to get these warmer essentials in early. Over the last couple of shopping trips I ventured out and tried a new store, and was lucky enough to get some wardrobe items I have been on the hunt for for quite a while to add to my Autumn wardrobe.

Some of the things I have been wanting for a very long time is [1] a bomber jacket that actually fits me and wasn't a khaki or light pink colour and [2] Adidas Superstars. I could never find this shoe in my size because a size 3 is far and few among shoes sizes and has always been, and sadly will always be.

First up - this new store I walked into for the the first time a few weeks ago and loved the quality but also the diversity of the clothes - Refinery.

Refinery is an authentic, honest fashion retailer that caters for today’s inspired young adults. They have eliminated everything that is non-essential in a closet and sell affordable, on-trend style solutions that every person needs and is wearable in many different ways - as listed on their site.

First impressions of the store - it's very on trend, slightly Boho Chic and they have some of the prettiest designed clothing I haven't seen in an other accessible and affordable retail stores. Their prices are definitely competitive and the clothing is stylish, good quality and super comfortable.

I picked up three wardrobe essentials from this store. The first was this mid-rise denim pair of jeans. I have been on the hunt for affordable jeans which is hard to come by for me personally because of my shape. I normally have to bite the bullet and pay R899.00 for a pair of River island or Topshop jeans simply because they fit the best.

Well not anymore - I found this pair, fits perfectly and was only R240.00. Mine is in a size 8, full length skinny mid-rise jeans with a slight wash on the front of the thighs and so comfortable.

Next - the perfect crop top. I don't usually buy crop tops because they just don't fit me well. I have a short torso and the top is either too short or too long for me, making me look like a complete potatoe sometimes...

BUT this one fits perfectly. It ends right where my jeans begin and has a slight arch / flap at the from bottom which is quite flattering to my figure. I got this in the marked down section of the store, normally it's priced for R199.00 but I picked it up for R99.00 - what a steal!

It was in this store that I finally found a bomber jacket I was happy with and convinced enough to buy. I didn't want what everyone had and what was on trend at the time but something I could wear for a long time to come.

The colour of this jacket but also the look and appeal is everything I wanted to be honest. This one was R599.00 but the wear I will get out of this outmeasures the price. The pop of orange is so me and also one of the colour trends which came out of London Fashion week recently, the sliver zip detailing on the side and down the middle is stylish but subtle - loving!

AND - a little secret is that Refinery's bomber jackets are cheaper than H&M's bomber jackets - who would think!?

Next up - I had to pop into Topshop because a trip to the mall wouldn't be the same without a stroll through this shop. Picked up two essentials for the colder months, these two slightly turtle necked jersey sweaters.

A black one of course and a really pretty blue one. The black is more sheer and more fashionable and dressy.The blue is thicker and more for the winter months. I imagine wearing this with white jeans a colourful scarf and high heeled boots - oh yes!

I saved the best for last. The all- timers sneaker, the one and only - the Adidias Superstar! I literally hunted for these from the time they were launched and only now did I find it in Total Sports in Eastgate. Most beautiful shoe and of course because it's made by Adidas.

Adidas really do make the most stylish, comfortable and affordable athletic and fashion shoes from all competitor brands, I got mine for R949.00 - which was cheaper than my Nike Airmax.

Onto accessories and miscellaneous items

As everyone is aware - chokers necklaces are so on trend right now and I must say this is one trend from the 90s that I am loving and have embraced fully.

Lovisa by far make the best styled chokers and have the most affordable options out there. I picked up this dainty sliver set of three for R160.00. You can wear all three or just one at a time and it just gives any outfit that little bit of jazz.

Last but not least - candles! How can you do any shop without picking up some new scented candles. As I am writing this post I have the last of my Sheer Gardenia Yankee Candle burning, so thank goodness I picked these up.

Got them at Typo for I think it was R100.00 each which is much cheaper than Yankee Candles and I can't wait to use them. I got them because when I smelt them, they smelled so original and something I never smelt in a candle before. The white is like a sweet jasmine smell and the black is a very rich smelling grapefruit smell.

That's all from me folks! I hope you enjoyed having a little sneak peak into my Autumn closet and if you like these kinds of posts I would love to do more in the future. Just let me know :-)

What you should definitely do is check out Refinery, I went to the one at Clearwater mall and I am sure there are many in other malls, also check out Lovisa for their constant sales on chokers and other amazing jewellery.

Let me know what you guys have been loving and what's in your Autumn closets - I would love to see what I am missing.