HOW TO: Clean your makeup brushes in 5 super easy steps

I recently decided to give my makeup brushes a deep clean and thought I would share how I do it. Cleaning your makeup brushes is more important than you realise. Not only does your brushes feel brand new but its also really important for your skincare and preventing breakouts and texture developing while extending the life of your brushes.

Every makeup lover has a different way they deep clean their brushes, there is also several cleansing options and products on the market which help with the process (and also quite pricey). I just use what I already have at home which is so much more affordable and works like a charm.

Step 1: What you will need

  1. A bowl

  2. One face cloth

  3. Johnson's baby shampoo or any kind of conditioning soap

  4. A real techniques brush cleansing palette / or you can just use the palm of your hand

  5. Dirty brushes

Step 2: Prep your work station

You want to fill your bowl with hot to warm water as this helps with removing dirt easily and killing bacteria. At the same time, add the soap to your cleansing palette or into a separate soap dish.

Then dip your brush into the water, wetting it and making it easy for the soap to penetrate the dirt and rub into the palm of your hand or onto your palette gently removing the dirt with every swirl without ruining the bristle shape.

Step 3: Rinse off

Rinse time - dip it back into the bowl of water to ensure all the soap and excess makeup has been removed. You might need to rinse this with your fingers as well.

Step 4: Wipe dry

Once the brush is free from soap and dirt - its time to wipe them dry on the face cloth and leave to air dry.

Step 5: Leave to air dry

Place your brushes close to a window or open area where the will receive enough air to dry effectively and smell fresh afterwards. And just like that you are done and have brand new clean smelling brushes.

I would highly recommend buying the Real Techniques brush cleansing palette, not only is it from a trusted brand created by Sam and Nic from the well-known pixiwoo YouTube channel, but it helps immensely with getting in there when it comes to cleaning.

It retails for R309.00 and is currently of special which will be delivered right to your door. The fine bumps on the palette help to lift dirt off the brushes without damaging the shape of the brush.

It can be held in your hand for firm grip or you can leave it flat and use for ease. Its made of a flexible rubber material and therefore does not retain or hold dirt, easy to clean and doesn't stain. My brushes before and after never looked better.

I hope this helped and I would love to know how you clean your brushes - leave me a comment below :-)

Until next time...