AUTUMN FASHION: Over the knee boots

I look forward to the colder months because why wouldn't you? - For the fashion of course. Winter trends allows you to fully embrace the season through your fashion. I enjoy the layering, the colours and cosiness which isn't fully achievable in summer for obvious reasons.

One fashion trend (which I tend to think is not solely for winter or Autumn) is the knee high boots. It isn't a new trend but people have come up with new ways of wearing and styling an outfit with this accessory - the knee high boots.

Previously - these boots were considered "unsuitable" or "cheap looking" but recently it's become such a must-have fashion necessity for your shoe collection - especially for the colder months.

I always believed that it's not what you wear but how you wear it - and if styled right, these boots can upgrade your style points in a second.

I got this gorgeous pair from Call it Spring which is the ultimate destination for amazing shoes and accessories, and the perfect go-to for today's most coveted trends with equally pretty price-tags. They have a strong presence worldwide with close to 900 locations in 25 countries across North America, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Latin America and opened in SA in 2012.

This is a heeled version of the knee highs in the oh so popular and on-trend khaki colour with a swede texture and to top it off - gold detailing on the heel - what more could a girl ask for!

They are quite pricey but amazing value for money, long lasting and always stylish as ever. That's the thing with winter fashion - no matter what is it from boots to jackets, sweaters and coats, they all last a very long time.

I am loving getting my Autumn closet ready and thought I would give you some ideas of how to wear these boots should you decide to pick a pair up for yourself. These were R1299.00 and I still don't regret splurging on this.





These are just four different ways I have been wearing these boots, experimenting with colours and textures. One thing I have realised with fashion is that there is no set rule on how to dress yourself, it's a creative space and your body is your canvas.

No outfit needs to match, your shoes don't have to match your purse or your top, neither do the textures. Pairing velvet textures with denim and green with grey is not against the rules. Basically, do you and don't listen to people who dictate your fashion. Its a personal choice and what makes you feel comfortable at the end of the day - which is all that really matters.

I wanted to leave you with some of my favourite accessories I have been loving recently and wearing with my outfits everyday. I have taken quite an interest in jewelery and adore walking into a Topshop or Lovisa for new bracelets, rings and chokers - I feel they give any outfit that bit of edge.