Marble Restaurant - JHB, South Africa

Rustic, vintage, proudly South African and very fancy!

Walking into this restaurant at first glance is quite intimidating especially on a busy day like Mother's Day. Located on the 3rd floor of the Trumpet building in Rosebank the view is quite amazing and the space is spread out open plan. The views are breath-taking, the decor is gorgeous and definitely a sight to appreciate as you walk in.

This day was cold and dreary - however nothing beat having brunch with family in a cosy setting with the reddish fire light echoing in the background.

The menu isn't varied that much at all, but I suppose it's the whole appeal of the restaurant being quality over quantity. Chef David Higgs and his team focus their energies on a few special dishes than a variety of average dishes.

We started off with a thirst quencher but also something that would warm us up a bit. Chivas Regal 18 year old on the rocks, with some pumpkin mixed with yogurt and cinnamon topped with honey and hot freshly oven baked bread.

Onto the food - each dish is clearly made with care and precision, cooked with passion and plated to perfection. Even if I wasn't able to enjoy all the tastes, I was able to appreciate the effort that went into making the dish.

Baby chicken - fried dumpling, cucumber and herb salad, peri-peri. R285-00.

Line fish - Pea & lemon, wood oven celeriac, grilled green vegetables. R275-00.

Risotto - smoked lemon & herb risotto, wood fired goats cheese, grilled heirloom tomato. R165-00.

All the food is proudly South African, made on an open-fire, smoked and seasoned with indigenous flavours. I loved the chicken, tender, juicy and with all the right amount of flavour. The best dish in my opinion.

The others - for the price point, I just don't think its worth it. Many other places have line fish which tastes much better. The Risotto was very salty, got lumpy and cold very quickly and the tastes were a tad bit overwhelming. Not my cup of tea.

Hmmmm desserts....lovely looking but very, very rich! One was a complimentary cheesecake for Mother's Day and the other was Amaretto Crème brûlée with Dulce de Leche, almond and nectarine. R95-00. I have tasted better and it was too much to finish in one go, when normally it isn't.

Would I go back? No, don't think there is much reason for me to return. It's a good experience, definitely a treat meal for once in a while and a great taste of what Marble is all about.

Rating: 2/5

It's good but not great - 5/5 for the design and decor and the whole concept. Definitely for the meat & flame enthusiasts.