EAT OUT: Sin + Tax

Oh so secretive! If you are a first-timer, guaranteed you will not find the entrance easily. This alley bar, located on 4 Bolton Road in Rosebank is tucked away in an unexpected city corner.

There was a lot of word on the street about this place, so of course I had to check it out! When greeted by the men at the door, and shown the entrance behind a very intimidating black steel door, (after pacing for a bit), what met me inside was nothing I expected.

I was ready for a fun night with friends, catching up while sipping on extravagant cocktails (which is my secret addiction) jamming to good music and just having a good ol'time.

Well...I stepped into another world, a cool and quite interesting setup, dark and mysterious, small and intimate, but lively, exhilarating and unique. The vibe is really something to appreciate, forcing you to let go, embrace the moments and CHILL!

It's cosy and artsy, not for the average mover and shaker, but uniquely Jozi. Finding a spot can be difficult as the space is quite small, so I advise that you make a reservation on their website beforehand. You do have choices, there is lounge-style seating, table seating and bar seating.

The cocktails was nothing short of spectacular. The highlight of my night was the guys behind the bar. Their attention to detail, pride in their work of crafting the best most unique drinks brought a new flavour to bartending.

You have to experience this place for yourself, and then decide if you would return. For me, I would need to be a specific kind of mood to go back, knowing what to expect now. However, we had a great time and ate good food and drank tantalising drinks...what more could you ask for!

Outro ...thank you Sin+Tax and side note - go after you have gotten paid.


Prelene xo