A 101 Holistic approach to beauty

Looking and feeling good is not only about the make-up we put on and the clothes we wear. Its about being in tune with ourselves, knowing when we are lacking and and what we are lacking. We all know that how we feel inside always reflects in how we present ourselves to others.

I used to believe that as long as I commit to completing my morning and night time routines, and follow the conventional beauty recommendations I would be just fine.

Its turns out this isn’t the case. Yes, we should all eat healthy, keep hydrated, get in eight hours sleep every night and never skip breakfast or do the forbidden, sleep with make-up on, but there has to be more to this.

Eagerly craving a change and something new, I did a bit of research to find out what else I could do that would rejuvenate me from the inside out.

The smallest things really do make the world of difference, and I wanted to share this as an option for self care. Start by trying one or two of the below five recommendations, and see how it changes your mood, and your appearance. A holistic approach to beauty.

1. Drink a glass of hot water with honey or lemon

Every morning before you do anything else, drink a cup of hot water with lemon or honey. Water naturally replenishes the fluids the body needs to function while also improving digestion and removes toxins.

Adding a few drops of lemon will give you a boost of vitamin C to kick-start your day and honey contains antioxidants which will help in clearing the gunk in the stomach resulting in clearer skin.

2. List five things you are thankful for

Be in tune with your spirit. Our days are stressful, fast-paced and sometimes filled with superficial activity. Taking a moment to reflect and appreciate what you have that others might not have sufficiently aids in a good attitude and humble approach to others.

Your mind is your biggest tool, exercising it and using it for the better will show on your outward appearance.

3. Clean your space – free your mind of clutter – make your bed

The race begins when we open our eyes – on most days! I will admit to being a victim of this. From getting ready to eating breakfast, possibly completing a workout, checking mails, rushing for meetings etc. The result of this…a messy room, house and mind.

I have started planning my time, from the night before. I wake up a little bit earlier to ensure I have time clear my living space before I start my day. Coming home has never been so for filling. You will thank me when you are able to walk into your house and your space is free of clutter.

4. Outdoor activity

Make it part of your daily or weekly schedule to spend sometime outside. The outdoors has a natural healing property that penetrates through your body and vacates your mind of unnecessary clutter build-up.

It boosts your energy, provides free aromatherapy, mitigates pain, the sunlight provides vitamin D which assists in proper function of your immune system, and restores focus. In general, being in nature makes us better people, provides us space to think and offers perspective. When we think better, we act better and do better, making us look better.

5. Attend a social event at least once a month

Basically, this point is about making time to spend quality time with the important people in your life and also to meet new people.

Go for brunch at a new artsy coffee shop in Parktown, or fine dine with your partner at a new restaurant in metropolitan Sandton or perhaps take up a hobby. Meeting new people forces us to break through our walls and insecurities we might have. It also expands our circle of people and making new friends always puts a smile on our faces. A smile is the most the beautiful thing we can wear anyway…I’ve heard.

It is important to put yourself first sometimes. You are your greatest asset that’s worth investing in. Beauty, while cliché, does start within, with your mind and body. If that is taken care of the rest will follow. Glowing and clear skin, energy, exuberance, healthy hair, teeth and nails, everything will naturally fall into place.

If it doesn’t there are things we can do to help us, but at least you are ensuring you practice selfcare daily.