My Top Winter picks from Mr Price Home

It’s time to pull out those heavy-duty blankets, warmly scented candles, warm shoes, hot coco and marsh mellows - because Winter is here!

In Johannesburg the cold breezy winds enter as soon as March / April creep in. By June, we have a full-blown Winter season. Its officially Winter in South Africa and its time we all prepare for the highest drop in temperatures in the next three months.

My birthday is in April, and as far as I can remember its been uncomfortably cold every year. Besides having cold birthdays, what I have grown to love about the cold weather is preparing my apartment.

Who doesn’t love a cosy, warm and aesthetically pleasing living space, especially in the colder months when all your heart craves is comfort and most of all heat. This is my second year living alone however last year this time I moved into my place, so technically this is the first year I get to really enjoy spicing up my environment.

My all-time favourite home décor store in SA has to be Mr Price Home. Not only are they affordable, but their products are good quality, long lasting and unique. They have a design for every mood and palette.

Every month or two I browse through their online store, mostly searching for an excuse to purchase something for my home. This time was different because I actually had a reason. My thoughts scrolling through the website was that they have the most stunning winter items that won’t leave your purse empty, which I appreciate tremendously.

I have listed a few items I purchased for my home as well as listed some below that wouldn’t suit my home but might suit yours.

Cosy throws

I use these while lazying on my couch and working from my bed. Its the prefect quick fix for cold hands and feet. MRP has some of the most beautiful and warm throws, and they come in different styles, patterns and colours.

Mine isn't much of a throw but more of a lounge blanket. Its the Sherpa in Dark Egg Blue. I also managed to pick up the Longpile blankets which is a lot lighter than the Sherpa but does the same job and is quite a bit softer.

Fleece Sheets & Woolen Pillows cases

Another daunting activity in Winter is climbing into bed. If you don't have an electric blanket, a cold bed is what you need to get used to. If you have to conquer the season without an electric blanket, the perfect must-have is a fleece sheet. They are warmer and retain heat for longer. MRP Home has a variety of colours and styles.

Something I recently discovered was woolen pillow cases. Just like the cosy sheets, now you buy these for your pillows. With these components, your bed should surely be more inviting.

Rugs and Carpets

We all can appreciate a good carpet. If you are on a budget MRP Home has a variety of sizes and textures that will fit any room in your house. Carpets and rugs have different uses, and in Winter the best way to make a room instantly warmer is by placing a carpet over the tiles.

Try to pick up and fluffy, thick and textured carpet that will keep the cold down and fill the space with warmth.

Candles and Candle holders

Any one who knows me, knows I am a candle lover. A candle has a way of bringing an ambiance into the room, filling the cold air with beautiful aromas and creating an experience in the area.

While candles are used all year long, different scents are made for different seasons, as we know scents play on our mind and work with our memories. Try pick up a sandlewood, ginger, and vanilla scented candles.

If you are looking for something different, get a candle holder / diffuser and use essential oils to fill the room. Look for clove, cinnamon and lavender essential oils to burn.

These are things that I have stocked up on and included into my Winter must-haves and they have helped immensely. For a first-time home owner, MRP Home is the best place to start with home essentials.

Do let me know in the comment section below what your recommendations are, I would love to expand where I can.