Radhi Devlukia Shetty on Conscious Living

I love listening to people's stories and exploring the minds of others that are different to mine. I believe it gives me insight, makes me think deeper and harder about life and also makes me tolerant and patient towards the opinions and views of the world, and sometimes I learn a thing or two, and every now and again I like to share these with you all.

Now, I am sure you are aware of Jay Shetty, the infamous Monk turned global motivational speaker on Facebook. I am also sure that at some point in your life his videos resonated with you and changed the way you perceived certain things in your life.

But, do you know his wife Radhi Shetty? I came across her a year ago on social media and really liked her content however, didn’t follow her at that point as I didn't know much about her. Until last week, when they made a video together for his new series on Facebook called ‘On Purpose’.

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In this video they talk about their relationship, how they balance their respective families, spending quality time together, their individual careers, conflict and towards the end of the video Jay does a Q&A with Radhi which helps us understand her better and gives us insight into who she is and what she does.

I learnt that what works the most in any relationship you have in your life is understanding. If you are able to put yourself in the shoes of the other person, it will be automatically easier to accept their point of views and relate and accept their decisions, choices and opinions.

I also learnt that self care is important and you cannot give greatness to others if you do not hold greatness within yourself. The old saying 'people will treat you the way you treat them' is true. If you give off negativity people will give that back to you, and the same with love, kindness and appreciation.

Watch the full video here:

Video taken from Jay Shetty YouTube Channel

Radhi is a Plant Based Dietitian, Recipe Developer, studies and implements the practice of Ayurveda and believes in conscious cooking & living – labelled ‘Cook with Devotion | Season with Love’.

If you are a person that believes in the sentiment of every thing has a purpose and everything happens for a reason, then following these two is recommended. What I appreciated is their honestly and authenticity when they spoke about their approach to life, their relationship and their habits.

I believe the older you get the more conscious you are about the decisions you take in your life, from relationships, friendships, food you choose to consume and places you to choose go to, as all of these has an effect on you and your well-being.

Radhi has a very unique and organic approach to life, sometimes extreme but authentic, and that is rare to come by in the current social environment. The best part and most useful part of the interview was her tops tips on food and wellness:


  1. Ensure you eat three meals a day

  2. Your biggest meal should be in the afternoon as this is when your digestive system is working at its best and is able to absorb the most nutrients and digest it effectively

  3. Don’t eat before you sleep. You don’t want your body to be working while you are trying to sleep. Have a smoothie or something light for dinner and eat early


  1. Meditate in the morning. If not meditating, take time in the morning, before the sun rises, to reflect and be still, one with yourself and your mind. This is important to centre our thoughts and prepare for the day ahead

  2. Use a tongue scraper. It reduces bad breath caused by germs and bacteria on the tongue. Stimulates the taste buds, which enhances a person's sense of taste and removes the slime coating on the tongue that can contribute to tooth decay

  3. Sleep early. You may not realise this but sleep is so important for your body. Not only does it allow your body to relax and restore itself but it is also necessary for immune strength.

Following people that aid and assist your life in good ways and encourage you to lead a better and toxic free life, both mentally and physically will only do you good. It's called conscious living and the more practice this, in which ever way works for us, the better and more for filling our lives will be.

These are my recommendations and I strongly hope that they make a difference in your life as they have in mine. If you haven't as yet, check them out and let me know what you learn listening to their recommendations.

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