Not your normal Father's Day Gift Guide

Making space in our busy lives to spend quality time with our parents should happen more often than not, but in case we forget to do this, every year there is a dedicated day, that we can’t ignore as much as we want to, to our parents. Yes, I’m talking about Father’s Day.

Sunday, June 16th is a day we dedicate to our Dads. Personally, Father’s Day has always been easier to plan because I pretty much know my dad, he’s simple – food, cologne, and clothes always rock his boat.

So, whether it is a new restaurant that I take him to or buy him the latest cologne hamper, he will be happy. However, sometimes it is nice to be different and surprise your parents. This Father’s Day I wanted to perhaps try something I hadn’t done in the past.

I did some research and I will most probably choose one or two of the below options to do with my Dad this Father’s Day. Perhaps these might also hep you plan if you are out of ideas.

1. Rock Climbing

If your Dad is an active person that loves the outdoors, you might want to take him CityROCK, the biggest climbing gym in the southern hemisphere. They have day-passes and packages for first-time climbers and if you would like to do one of their professional courses there is many options to choose from.

Exhilarating, experiential and enormous! What more could a Dad ask for. It’s the perfect activity to spend quality time with your Dad as well as get in some fitness for the day. He will appreciate the thought.

Visit their website for prices and bookings:

2. DIY gift basket

Instead of purchasing one – why not make your own. These are easily personalised depending on the type of person your Dad is. Whether a foodie or a beverage lover, you can make or buy items to create the PERFECT Father’s Day hamper.

My Dad loves his beer, and cologne. While these two definitely don’t go together, I was thinking of making a hamper that includes both.

This way his gift is more personalised to his desires, it will mean a lot that you put thought into each item and took the time to make him feel that much more special.

For more hamper ideas:

3. His favourite home-cooked Meal

We all the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This will mostly apply to girls, but if you’re a guy that loves cooking then by all means consider this too.

Decide on a dish and get cooking, preferably your Dad’s favourite dish and not yours. If you’re feeling lucky, try a dessert too. Food always goes down well, and instead of going to a restaurant DIY it. I guarantee this deed will be well received and very appreciated!

4. Make memorabilia

My idea would be making something that will remind your Dad of the day every time he sees the gift and also something that he can use and show or brag to his friends about.

This could be pottery, for example personalised coasters for his beer / whiskey nights with family and friends. Perhaps is printing a catchy phrase, something your Dad and you share onto a T-shirt that he can wear; it will be your inside secret.

Personalised gifts show thought and create a sense of nostalgia, but also has a lasting effect.

5. Do an activity with your Dad

One on one time – YAY! What better day than Father’s Day to plan an entire day with your Dad. There are always interactive and exciting activities and specials around this time of the year to choose from.

You can choose from Skybar breakfasts, to lunches in the sky, to dinners and archery at boutiques hotels. Memories last longer than gifts, and this is something that we ought to consider every time we plan events for people. An event, special day or celebration with no memories rarely lasts in the minds of people.

There are activities around the country, so choose your location and pick your trip, you Dad will appreciate having you to himself for an entire day.

Read more here:

And with that I leave you with this:

“The most important thing in the world is family and love…”