REVIEW: Have you heard of Afri-Berry?

Since I could remember, I have suffered with dark marks. This mainly started when I was a teenager and had a bit of acne, which over time left me with dark spots where the pimples used to be. These marks eventually lightened and faded out.

As a result, I am always on the hunt to try serums and ointments that help reduce the damage caused by acne, or occasional pimples. I have tried acne remedy products from Dermalogica, Clear Skin, Filogra and Eucerin in the past. While these products reduced the appearance of dark marks, after using them for a long time it seemed to almost reach a threshold with my skin and no longer worked past that point.

At the beauty Expo this year, which was held at the Sandton Convention Centre, I came across a new brand called Afri-berry. They are a South African brand developed to honour the natural bounty of the Mother Continent.

The brand claims to create quality and natural skin and hair care products which work for diverse skin tones. Their ingredients are sourced from across Africa which uses technologically advanced processing that leaves the power of nature intact for your benefit.

After speaking to the representative and hearing more about the brand as well as how it all started, it seemed like they were onto something quite unique. I decide to try their East African Raw Shea Butter as well as their Moroccan Gold Argan Oil and purchased this on the day.

Image taken from the Afri-berry Facebook page

It’s been about eight weeks that I have been testing these two products. Its rare to see a significant difference in dark spots in such a short time, but I have been pleasantly surprised. Not only do they work but they were gentle on my skin and hair, while being super cost effective (score!).

Moroccan Gold Argan Oil

You can add this oil to your moisturiser, or simply apply it as is to the skin. Its recommended that this is used both in the morning and at night, however I found that its too oily for during the day and doesn’t sit well under makeup. I only used this at night, and I applied this directly to the skin, as a night cream.

On an average night it would be on my skin for about eight hours before I washed my face again. Once rubbed into the skin, your face feels very oily but moisturised. The smell of the product isn’t too pleasant but it also isn’t potent, its manageable and few seconds after application it goes away.

After regular application I noticed that over time my marks got lighter, and my skin stopped breaking out. It also helped reduced the new scarring that would occur after a new friend would pop up on my face. What’s better is that because it’s an oil-based product is can be used to remove your makeup. I would suggest only using it to remove light makeup and stay away from the eye area as it can cause irritation.

What I appreciate is a little goes a long way with this product. You hardly even need one pump to cover your face. I used half a pump and that was more than enough. Eight weeks later I am not even a quarter way through the bottle.

East African Raw Shea Butter

Image taken from Afri-berry Facebook page

This product can be used as a hair mask or as a body butter, weird I know. I have used this product about three times on my hair and a few times on my body.

I would say it works better on the body, than the hair. My hair is quite difficult so not all hair masks work on my hair, but as a body butter its amazing. Its creamy texture and its aromatic scent leave you feeling fresh and moisturised. I only used these products at night an have no complaints. Afri-berry gets a solid 3 out of 5 from me.

Find out more about this proudly South African company and their products here