Maximillien Restaurant: New Menu, New Chef

On a warm Spring night in Johannesburg, and a rendezvous setup at Maxilmillien Restaurant for 19h30 sharp, we were dressed and ready to experience the new and tastefully satisfying dishes just launched on the Maximillien menu.

With our mouths watering we walked into the restaurant where we were greeted by soft romantic harmonies of a pianist, friendly faces and a calm, welcoming ambiance that was apt for the evening ahead.

General Manager Andrew van Hasselt remained outstanding throughout the night ensuring we were happy, well taken care of as well as adequately informed of the menu options and what we could expect on order.

A three course À la Carte menu is hard to survive on most occasions however, when the food is as scrumptious and deletable as our dishes were, getting through all three course was no challenge.


Deep Fried Calamari


The salt and pepper calamari came wrapped in a mini bagel drizzled with miso mayonnaise and fried to perfection. All the flavours of the calamari was locked into each bite which was only complimented by the bagel and lemon as a side. A great way to set the tone for what was to come!

New York Spicy Meatballs


In perfect proportions you are served with lamb meatballs in a spicy chakalaka sauce and bean salad as a side. Not only is this portion just enough to get you started, it leaves you wanting more. The well-cooked meatballs and spicy chakalaka sauce provide the perfect amount of allure and satisfaction needed from a starter.

Main Course

Signature Dish - Braised Beef Oxtail


Not only does the picture not do this dish justice but my explanation won't either - you need to taste this for yourself! The 24-hour braised beef oxtail and herbed creamed potato served with whole roasted baby vegetables and broccoli gremolata OR Pap and morogo melts on your palette like and ice-cream under a summer sun. It's tender and mind-blowingly delicious all at the same time. It's no wonder this is a signature dish.

Signature Dish - Butter Chicken Curry


This butter chicken dish is served with steamed basmati rice, sambals, poppadum & roti. A wonderful compliment to my Indian heritage in the week where South Africans celebrated Heritage Day. The dish is authentic in its own way while still offering indigenous flavours from the north Indian subcontinent. Its rich and creamy, with just the right amount of spice and coupled with the aromatic long-grained basmati rice, makes for a masterpiece curry.


NY Baked Cheesecake


Sweet, fresh, creamy and a party in your mouth! Made with a citrus crumble, mixed berry compote, vanilla bean Chantilly cream with a dried fruit meringue. The crust adds that little kick at the end breaking the sweetness and intense richness right at the end of your tongue coupled with fresh and juicy strawberries, its a blast of flavours that leave you satisfied and happy with your dessert choice,

Malva & Amarula Pudding


Amarula crémeux, spicy vanilla ice-cream and crème anglaise. This dessert looks as good as it tastes, one for the more mature palette but nonetheless delicious in every spoonful.

The ambiance was addictive, the waitrons were polite and attentive to detail, and the food was out of this world. In all honesty, not one dish disappointed us. From presentation to taste - it all abundantly delivered. Experiencing the new menu and soaking up the atmosphere Maximillien was an experience for the food books. If you haven't been, you need to make a reservation today and get tasting their new menu.

I give Maximillien Restaurant and solid 5/5.


About Maximillien Restaurant


Situated in the heart of Sandton’s commercial and retail district and known as a New Yorkan Bistro offering Urban French Cusine, Maximillien is the ideal spot to enjoy fine dining at its best.

Every day of the week diners can enjoy a scrumptious breakfast, business lunch or a romantic dinner in the evening.The floor to ceiling windows offer stunning views across the city and the deck leading off the restaurant is ideal for evening cocktails at the bar. Read more on


Address: Legacy Corner Mall - Retail Level 4,Nelson Mandela Square,Corner Maude and Fifth Street, Sandton, Johannesburg

Call: +27 (0)11 292 7111



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