Celebrate Black Friday the right way!

Black Friday falls on 29 November 2019 and NetFlorist is offering consumers extraordinary Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday specials. This is an ideal time to buy Christmas gifts, household appliances, back-to-school items and more.

The trend was introduced to South African consumers in 2014 and has since grown in prominence with large-scale marketing campaigns. As a result, customers flood traditional brick retailers, but the accelerated internet penetration in the country can now make the shopping experience quick, fun and convenient.

It is expected that consumers will come flooding in-store as well as online, and this forecast is derived from previous sales growth that various retailers and e-tailers have experienced. There has been an increase in consumer participation on Black Friday and the fact that it happens at the end of the month (closer to payday for many consumers) contributes to the demand for good deals, specials and promotions.

With this in mind, the key to a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday experience is in ensuring that there is enough stock, optimum upgrades in system functionality and websites, a well-trained staff, enough servers to deal with traffic and an efficient omni-channel strategy that will ensure robust customer experience, increase company value and drive sales.

The steady growth of e-commerce shows that there is no shortage of players in the industry, hence the diversification of products and services online. With this being said, shopping online may prove to be more beneficial this Black Friday, because most e-commerce stores focus on excelling as customer-centric shopping destinations as well as keeping on trend as far as consumer needs are concerned.

This makes websites easily accessible on mobile and, furthermore, it makes building social media conversion strategies which increase purchasing power possible.

Continuous improvements in technology have ensured that online stores put in contingency plans to deal with challenges of increased traffic volumes on sites before big occasions, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and in turn, growing trust amongst digital shoppers.

Shop online and see which items are on discount or still in stock and avoid queues, stampedes and accidents while travelling this Black Friday.