Joburg's very own Paradise Island

Ever imagined experiencing a summer beach holiday in Johannesburg, South Africa? For the locals, this is the furthest from their imaginations, as Joburg is known for its skyscrapers, metropolitan vibe as well as being an inner city of South Africa with no coast line.

However, towards the end of 2019, Altitude Beach hit the scene fast and hard, bringing Joburg'ers the ultimate beach escape, that not only for fills our summer dreams but also turns into the perfect concert/club venue at night. Located in Fourways at the back of the Boulevard, Altitude Beach offers a relaxed place to go to when you need to escape the city, which is right around the corner for many.

Altitude Beach has a mega-size centre-stage screen with 10 other screens being added throughout the venue. Although newly launched, the club already boasts an average monthly attendance of 40,000.

Scenery and Food

This Beef Carpaccio was all sorts of tasty - from the preparation to the presentation, every ounce of the plate was inviting and deletable - I would definitely order this again and recommend you so do too!

Altitude Beach has its own full-service restaurant that serves starters, mains and desserts. Te decor and seating options is lush, luxurious and almost middle-eastern in appeal.

Apart fro my starter, the mains and desserts were average. The sushi, uniquely ordered and served from the custom-made Altitude Beach's Sushi & Champagne Bar was lovely. What's even better is you get to enjoy this while lounging on a day-bed in front of the gorgeous pool.

As night hits, the entire club is romantically lit, making you feel like you're still outside but in some midnight dream.

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