How I embraced Autumn | 5 Ways you can too

So it's already March! I feel like I blinked and it was the third month of the year - but being a Taurus, I can't complain because Autumn is my birthday season!! *insert party sounds*

Growing up I hated my birthday, because in South Africa, Autumn is especially cold (it's almost like a sneak peak to Winter) and as a kid I wasn't able to do all the cool and fun things every child dreams of doing on their birthday, like visiting a water park and spending the day on tubes and planing down slides while getting recklessly sunburnt, or having an outside picnic in the park, or riding my bike or even just having an outdoor jumping castle. Birthday's were always indoors, melancholic and pretty simple - with a lot of layers of clothes, which was the most unimpressive thing for me.

However, decades later as an adult, I have learnt to fully embrace the colder seasons, I actually really love it! I ended up personifying Autumn - it now has a look and feel to me, which helps me look forward to seasonal change as prepare for it.

Autumn - think warm tones, hot coco, spicy scents, flannel PJs and cosy decor. Sounds good doesn't it? I mean if you have to deal with the cold weather - wouldn't you want to do it this way?

So that's how I deal with this season, I make it look pretty and feel good. I want to share with you how you too can enjoy Autumn and make it everything you need it to be.

1. Crack out those Spicy Scented Candles

Too often the power of scent is overlooked and undervalued. Scents have the ability to stimulate the brain in ways that your other senses aren't able to. Fragrances have the ability to evoke both positive and negative psychological states of mind and reactions in milliseconds. Scents like Lavender are used to bring about relaxation and better sleep whereas scents like Peppermint and lemon are awakening and cleansing smells.

The same works for every season. In Autumn we look to earthy scents that have underlying classic musky-sweet smells - making it the perfect time to burn your spicy scented candles that encapsulate your home with warm, welcoming and distinct Autumn smells. Look for Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cedarwood and Amazon scented candles. Not only do they look pretty and create a cosy ambiance but they also attract your senses and assist in accurate mood creation for Autumn.

2. Prints

A big part of embracing the Autumn season is getting your home prepped. The easiest way to do so is by swapping out your current frames/prints with Autumn themed prints. They bring the pop of colour to any room while also creating a suitable ambiance and inviting feel to your home.

What we see is how we perceive, and a place that is cosy, friendly, and comfortable will only make for lovely family moments, great memories and a beautiful Instagram feed. Yes - whose with me on this?

3. Blankets & Throws

I may be speaking for myself, but a soft, warm and fuzzy blanket has magical powers that allow you to calm down, tune out from real life and forget for a second that you're human, leaving you feeling like everything is going be okay - is that right or is it just me that feels this way?

From the time we are born we are wrapped in blankets of all sorts, then we become kids and have our favourite *blankie* that we take with us everywhere and refuse to sleep without, to being adults and having only the best 500 thread count Egyptian sheets with suitable blankets or throws for in the name of decor.

4. Sweet Goodness

What makes everything that much better - yes you guessed it, good food and sugary delight. Autumn is the time to bake, making those warm, hearty and delectable desserts that have everyone's mouth watering for more. Apple pie,

Whether is Toffee Apples (a personal favourite) or Pumpkin Pie or Maple Glazed Donuts, a treat is a must during the Autumn season.

Its the perfect snack to indulge in once a month (because health is a priority, and over indulgence is bad), whilst you cuddle up on your couch, or bed, or moon chair, with your favourite 'blankie' with your favourite / current series on repeat.

5. Flannel is the way

Comfy is the name of the game - no 'on fleek' looks or extravagant outfits. To enjoy the season you need to open up your mind to what it requires and truly embrace what its all about. No one wants to be outside when its cold, or be bouncy around trying to peel off their hair off their lipstick because the wind rudely stuck it all over your new shiny lip gloss. #NoThanksMam

Stay at home and make your home your new haven. The best way to stay warm and comfortable - flannel PJs. Yes, its a man best friend *wink*.

We all have our favourite pair - even if they aren't matching top and bottoms, but they feel like a constant hug, and who doesn't want a constant hug.


With these quick tricks, I guarantee Autumn will not be the same for you, Its all about making your space work for you. Please leave me comment below and let me know what you do to enjoy the season and what are your favourite at home activities that help you stay warm and happy.


Prelene xo