Your guide to 'self' self care at home

Self care prior to lockdown was not limited to strictly at home pampering and grooming. It sometimes also involved a bi-weekly visit to the nail salon to lay down a new set, a monthly trip to your hair stylist for a colour top up and trim, maybe a monthly treat to a spa to really unwind and detox and of course having your eyebrow / eyelash professional on-call.

Since lockdown started six weeks ago (exactly to the day) - everyone at this point has felt the pressure of taking self care seriously and ultimately practicing 'self' self care at home. People who never previously had any experience plucking their eyebrows (me) are now plucking their eyebrows, colouring their own hair and doing their own nails.

One thing I have realised is that nothing is impossible. Yes, its great to have someone else do these things for you. Its great to support small businesses and support job creation but, if we try hard enough, we are able to efficiently groom and pamper ourselves. When you have to do it for yourself, that is when I believe you experience true self care.

Sharing this blog post, I hope that if you are in a similar position to me, that you don't feel stuck, or scared to groom yourself at home. Make an activity out of it, spend time with yourself and learn in the process. Thus far, I have removed my own Gelish nails at home, coloured my own hair and baked my own goodies instead of buying everything.

I will say, that this helps pass the time, fills my days with positivity and adds a dash of fun to my days. Learning and experimenting while at home has been the best part of lockdown. In PR we always say - don't waste a crisis!

I recently started my YouTube channel (another new thing I have started) and on here you can watch step-by-step videos on how to groom yourself at home (as well as other fun videos). Make sure you subscribe and like the videos that added value and let me know if there are any specific videos you would like me to do . Wondering what to watch first, I have added the below two to get you started:

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Remove your Gelish nails at home in 10 easy steps

I tried colouring my own hair at home

There will be a lot more exciting and informative content coming up, so please follow along and let's make the best of the lockdown!