REVIEW: A Pastel Pink Dream - The Logitech M350 Pebble Mouse

If you know me, you will know that regardless of how old I get, my love for pink things never fades. Now, with this in mind, you can imagine my excitement when I first spotted this gorgeous little rose pink mouse. I decided at the exact moment that I needed one. It didn't help that we were in the middle of a hard lockdown, but last week I finally received my Rose Pink Logitech M350 Pebble mouse! YAY!

I have long been a fan of Logitech products and especially their range of mouses. For the past 12 month or so I have been using their super funky and quirky range of mouses and in specific the M325C Wireless Mouse from their Doodle Fun Compact Mouse collection. The design is comfortable and its pretty responsive and reliable. There was nothing wrong with it, and to date it still works perfectly, but after a year of using the same thing, you tend to need a change, especially when there is something new on the market and as pretty as the Pebble mouse.


  • Wireless Mouse

  • Nano Receiver

  • 1 AA battery (pre-installed)

  • User documentation


  • 2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty


  • Graphite: PN: 910-005718

  • Rose: PN: 910-005717


LOVE! It was small, elegant, soft to the touch, had a magnetic front cover and colourful back light to alert the power being on / off. It is a pastel pink colour, just under 11cm long, just over 5 cm wide and very light. Under the magnetic hood is a single AA battery and a slot for the Logitech 2.4GHz USB wireless receiver.



Just like my M325C is was as easy as pie to start-up, I show how quick and simple it is in my unboxing video on my IGTV (@prelene_singh).

The design of the device is to make your work space look minimalist and modern. The design definitely adds this to your space, it looks great just quietly sitting next to your laptop/PC and is almost a feature with its sleek design and colour.

The absolute best part of the mouse is that it is silent, about 90% of the noise made when clicking is cancelled out. Even the wide rubber scroll wheel glides in silence. This was especially appreciated by me because sometimes I have to work in quiet areas and the last thing I want to do is to draw attention to myself by frantically clicking away in a professional setting.

If you are a daredevil, you can pair the Pebble mouse via Bluetooth®. All you have to do is turn the mouse over, press the little button to switch it from wireless to Bluetooth, and pair with your device. It was fast and painless, allowing me to use wireless connection with one computer and Bluetooth with a second computer. Bluetooth pairing is limited to one device only. However, I prefer to use the tiny 2.4 GHz USB receiver which removes the annoying drop-offs or lag up to a 10m range.

I have not been able to test this part yet, but the brand specifies that the battery has an 18-month battery life. The device automatically goes into battery-saving sleep mode when you’re taking a break. So, I suppose I will just have to wait and see if this a true.

It's portable and adjusts to a curated lifestyle. The design is slim, smooth and easy to transport as well as being easy to fit and hold in your hand. The soft rounded edges make it easy to fit in a pocket, handbag and even a slim line laptop bag.

Another great perk is the choice of colour. The Logitech Pebble M350 is available in off-white, graphite, blue or rose pink so you are able to match it to your lifestyle and accessories.



The scroll wheel when placed on a harder or more textured surface can be quite noisy so you would need to ensure that your mouse pad is smooth allowing the scroll wheel to move easily. Sometimes, the wheel does not function as effectively as it would when placed on a rougher surface, which I understand is the case for most mouses.

The Logitech Pebble M350 is a great mouse to bring around with you but isn't the best for day-to-day use. It has a very low profile and small form factor, which makes it easy to slide it in a laptop bag, but isn't the most comfortable design to use for hours at a time. It's a very straightforward wireless mouse that can be used with its USB receiver or via Bluetooth. Its sensor performance is mediocre-at-best and can't be customised to your preference.


The device is a simple, easy-to-use component, aesthetically pleasing and certainly modern, it has everything you would want from a mouse.

The Logitech Pebble M350 is R445,00 and can be bought off It is good value for a mouse to use on the road or in a Smart TV type environment, slightly middle of the range in terms of price but a good deal for what you get.


Specifications Mouse dimensions: 26.5 x 59 x 107 mm (HxWxD) Mouse weight (with batteries): 100g Nano receiver dimensions: 14.4 x 18.7 x 6.1 mm (HxWxD) Nano receiver weight: 1.8g System requirements: Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Linux, Microsoft Surface Receiver: USB port, Windows 10 or later, Windows 8, Windows 7, macOS 10.10 or later, Chrome OS, Linux Kernel 2.6+ Bluetooth: Bluetooth Low Energy, Windows 10 or later, Windows 8, Windows 7, macOS 10.10 or later, Chrome OS, Android 5.0 or later Sensor resolution: 1000 dpi Number of buttons: 3 Scroll wheel: Yes, Mechanical Scroll buttons: Middle wheel Unifying ready mouse: Yes Unifying ready receiver: No Battery life: 18 months Battery type: 1 x AA Wireless operating distance: 10m Wireless technology: Logitech Receiver or Bluetooth Low Energy Technology